NetOp Remote Control Guest 11.0

NetOp Remote Control Guest 11.0

It provide remote maintenance without jeopardizing organizational security
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NetOp Remote Control is a tool developed by Danware that brings a complete solution for remote control at a professional level. Nowadays, the network is the natural environment in which information transfers and develops, and where the people work together. This create a completely new scenarios for collaboration and team work where is no longer needed to be in the same location or room to be able to work with a coworker. Now, the most common arrangement is teams composed by workers scattered wide world. In this context, a tool that allows you control a computer from thousands of miles away it’s not a fancy tool but an essential one.
NetOp Remote Control is composed by two modules: Host and Guest. The computer with the Host module installed is the one being visited or controlled by the computer with the Guest module installed. From the Guest module you will trigger communications to the Host you want to access and take control over host computer. An important aspect to remark of this tool is that it can run on several operating systems, so if you are a Mac user you can interact with a Windows user and vice versa.
All you will see of the application in a regular use is its system tray icon, which you can eliminate from there by choosing the “stealth mode” from the Configuration options of the program. From this icon you can access the following options by right-clicking on it:
- Restore/Show: This command will be Restore if the NetOp Guest Window is minimized into a NetOp Guest button and Show if the NetOp Guest Window is on the screen but possibly hidden by other windows. Select it or double-click the NetOp Guest button to show the NetOp Guest Window in front of other windows.
- Exit: Select this command or the File Menu Exit command to unload NetOp Guest.
NetOp Guest can run a Remote Control session with one or multiple NetOp Hosts or extended Hosts to show the Host computer screen image to enable the Guest user to work with keyboard and mouse on Host computers and control them in different ways.
Let’s see a brief list of interaction that can take place between Guest and Host using NetOp Remote control:
- NetOp Guest can run a Monitor session with one or multiple NetOp Hosts to sequentially show their computer screen image and optionally switch to Remote Control.
- NetOp Guest can run a File Transfer session with one or multiple NetOp Hosts to transfer and manage files and directories.
- NetOp Guest can run a Chat session with one or multiple NetOp to communicate by typed text. NetOp Host can start a Chat session with one or multiple connected Guests.
- One NetOp Guest and one NetOp Host can run an Audio-Video Chat session to communicate by sound and optionally live image.
- NetOp Guest can run a Remote Management session with one or multiple NetOp Hosts to manage Host computers.
- NetOp Guest can run a specified program on a NetOp Host computer.
- NetOp Guest can execute a system control command on a NetOp Host computer.
- NetOp Guest can send a NetOp Message to a NetOp Host.
- NetOp Guest can get the hardware and software inventory of a NetOp Host.
- NetOp Host or extended Host can request help from a NetOp Guest that offers help services.

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  • It's a lightweight application
  • It delivers professional features of remote control


  • The web site doesn't include product pricing
  • Serial numbers are needed even for trial versions



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